What are the best drumsticks for beginners?

What are the best drumsticks for beginners?

What’s the best type of sticks for a beginner? The most popular drumstick size and best all rounder is the Collision Drumsticks 5A Standard Series Drumsticks. Collision Drumsticks are made with Premium, A-Grade American Hickory which is the type of wood they’re made of. 5A is the model number.

5A drum sticks are the most commonly recommended “starting point” for a decent sized, medium-weighted, average-thickness type of drum stick. It’s a safe bet if you are just starting out on drums. The 5A sticks suit a relatively broad range of musical styles and are versatile for many playing situations.

If you need more info on why these particular drumsticks are ideal for beginners and what makes them so popular… keep reading!

When you’re learning how to play the drums, it can be helpful to have a basic understanding of the anatomy of a drumstick. Each part of the drumstick has a specific function and will affect the sound and feel of your playing.

The Collision Drumsticks 5A Standard Series: Your Ultimate Starting Point

When you’re new to drumming, the array of drumstick options can be overwhelming. Drumsticks vary in size, weight, material, and design, each influencing your drumming experience in its unique way. Among this variety, the Collision Drumsticks 5A Standard Series stands out as an exceptional choice for beginners.

The Power of Premium American Hickory

One of the key aspects that make Collision Drumsticks stand out is their use of premium A-Grade American Hickory. Hickory wood is renowned for its durability, making it a reliable choice for drumsticks. This durability is particularly crucial for beginners, as it means your sticks are less likely to break or wear out prematurely.

Why 5A Drumsticks?

The 5A model designation carries significance in the world of drumming. The “5” signifies the size, while the “A” indicates the shape. For beginners, the 5A size is a solid starting point. It strikes a balance between being lightweight enough for comfortable playing and having enough weight for proper rebound and control.

Versatility for Various Styles

Collision Drumsticks 5A Standard Series Drumsticks offer versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of musical styles. Whether you’re into rock, pop, jazz, or anything in between, these sticks provide the adaptability needed to explore different genres without feeling restricted.

Why Collision Drumsticks Stand Out

  1. Crafted for Performance: Collision Drumsticks are not just tools; they’re crafted with precision and expertise to enhance your drumming performance from the very beginning.
  2. Expertise in Every Strike: As a beginner, consistency matters. The Collision Drumsticks 5A Standard Series ensures each stick is made with meticulous attention to detail, giving you the confidence to focus on your technique and rhythm.
  3. Comfortable Grip: The 5A size provides a comfortable grip for beginners, reducing hand fatigue during extended practice sessions.
  4. Durable and Reliable: The use of premium American Hickory ensures that these sticks are built to withstand the rigors of learning and practicing.


As a beginner, selecting the right drumsticks is a pivotal step in your drumming journey. The Collision Drumsticks 5A Standard Series Drumsticks offer a balanced combination of size, weight, and versatility that makes them an excellent choice for novice drummers. With their premium American Hickory construction and expert craftsmanship, these sticks empower you to focus on what matters most: discovering your rhythm and honing your drumming skills. So, embrace the rhythm and start your drumming adventure with the Collision Drumsticks 5A Standard Series at your side.

Elevate Your Drumming with Collision Drumsticks: Discover the Standard and Reach Series

Ready to elevate your drumming? Look to Collision Drumsticks for precision, durability, and musical brilliance. From the Standard Series, offering the perfect weight-responsiveness balance with Premium A-Grade American hickory, to the Reach Series, delivering versatility and extended reach, Collision Drumsticks have your back.


Standard Series Drumsticks: Melding tradition with innovation, these sticks ensure every beat resonates with unwavering consistency – studio or stage.

Reach Series Drumsticks: Explore various styles with unique designs and specialized tips, backed by Collision’s durability and craftsmanship.

Custom Drumsticks: Ever wanted your own custom drumsticks, personalised with your own signature or logo! It’s every drummers dream to have their own signature series drumsticks. That reality is now available to you with our Collision Custom Service!

Invest in Excellence with Collision Drumsticks: More than a brand, it’s a commitment to your artistry and drumming journey. Elevate your rhythm with the Standard and Reach Series Drumsticks from Collision. Trust in uncompromised quality and experience drumming at its finest.

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