Best drumsticks for acoustic drums?

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What type of drumsticks are ideal for acoustic drums?

The world of drumsticks offers a wide array of options, including various materials, shapes, sizes, weights, and lengths, making it challenging to determine the best drumsticks for acoustic drums. However, fret not; as a seasoned drummer with over 15 years of experience in playing on acoustic drums, I’ve gathered insights to help you select the right drumsticks for the job.

While most drumsticks are suitable for electronic drum sets, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite choices from my extensive drumming career, ensuring you can make the most out of your drum set from day one. Of course, if you wish to explore and pick your own drumsticks for electronic drums, that’s perfectly fine too. Be sure to check out my top tips section before you start to ensure you’re headed in the right direction.

Tips for Choosing the Best Drumsticks for Acoustic Drums:

The first thing to understand when selecting drumsticks for your electronic drums is that there are no specific types of sticks you need. Any pair of high-quality wood drumsticks will work just fine, as long as they are well-made. It’s rare for someone to damage their electronic drums with a pair of sticks, but it’s still essential to avoid low-quality options.

With well-made sticks, the likelihood of problems is extremely low, especially when choosing reputable brands like Collision.

Differences Between Acoustic and Electric Drum Kits:

Now that we’ve covered how to care for your drums, let’s dive into the specifics. In this article, we’ll answer the common question of what drumsticks are best for acoustic drums and discuss the ideal sticks for electronic drum sets. If you own both an acoustic and an electronic drum set, it’s crucial to avoid using sticks that have been previously used on the acoustic set.

Acoustic drum sets have sharper edges that can wear down sticks over time, so even with high-quality sticks, they may start to splinter. Therefore, it’s wise to keep your acoustic drum set sticks and your electronic drum set sticks separate. While some recommend using only nylon sticks for electronic drums, wooden sticks are also perfectly acceptable. Personally, I prefer the feel of wooden sticks, as they are the more traditional choice and widely used by top drummers.

Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums:

  1. Collision 5A Standard Series Drumsticks: If you’re unsure about the best drumsticks for electronic drums, our top recommendation for your first pair would be the Collision Drumsticks 5A Standard Drumsticks. These are becoming increasingly popular among drummers, known as the drummer’s choice of stick.

These sticks feature a long taper, which connects the tip to the main body section. This extended taper enhances stick responsiveness, allowing it to rebound off the drum more easily, making day-to-day playing smoother and more enjoyable. These sticks are slightly longer than other varieties, making it easier to reach different drums while providing a bit more power. The chunkier tip can be particularly useful if you’re using a lower-quality acoustic drum set, as it helps the stick resonate more effectively on the drum head and produce sound. Collision Drumsticks are known for their quality and trustworthiness, ensuring you’re using the best.

If you’d like to learn more about these sticks, we’ve included a link below for you to purchase a pair.

Link to Collision 5A Standard Drumsticks

  1. Collision 5AR Reach Series Drumsticks: For effortless and enjoyable playing, consider Collision’s 5AR Reach Series. These sticks are based on the 5A size, the most popular type of stick available. They offer several features that make playing easier, including a long taper for faster playing and improved rebound, allowing the stick to do more of the work for you. These sticks are designed to be fast and easy to maneuver around the drum kit and are relatively light, preventing you from feeling weighed down as you move from drum to drum.

Traditionally, if you needed to produce a loud sound on a drum set, you’d require heavier sticks. However, these sticks allow for low-effort practice while still delivering a great sound.

  1. Collision 5B Standard Series Drumsticks: If you’re looking to play in a rock band or need heavy drumsticks for practice, check out the Collision Drumsticks 5B Standards. These sticks are excellent for rock, metal, punk, and other genres that require powerful drumming that can be felt.

The 5B is the classic choice for rock music and louder styles. It strikes a balance between providing substantial power without being unwieldy around the drum set. The Reach series offers a slightly longer 5B size, allowing you to generate even more power with each stroke. In summary, if you want to embark on a journey toward playing hard and heavy, consider the Collision 5BR Reach Series sticks for your electronic drum practice.

Conclusion: There you have it—the top-tier drumsticks to get you started on acoustic drums. After reading this article, you now have a clear understanding of what to look for in a pair of acoustic drumsticks. You recognize the importance of a good grip, the balance between comfort and power, and the significance of different stick qualities based on your playing style.

If you’ve enjoyed this article, feel free to explore our more specialized drumstick articles, which cover the best drumsticks for rock and the best drumsticks for beginner drummers.

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