How to Track Progress as a Drummer

How to Track Progress as a Drummer

Progress is a driving force behind any skill or craft, and drumming is no exception. As drummers evolve in their journey, it becomes crucial to monitor growth, reflect on improvements, and identify areas that need attention. Here’s a guide on how to effectively track your progress as a drummer.

1. Start with Baseline Recordings

Before you embark on tracking your progress, record your current skills. This can be a simple video or audio recording of your practice session or a specific piece you’re working on. Over time, you can revisit these recordings to visibly and audibly measure your growth.

2. Maintain a Drumming Journal

A drumming journal can be an invaluable tool. Note down:

  • What you practiced each day.
  • Duration of the practice session.
  • Techniques or pieces you focused on.
  • Any challenges or breakthroughs.
  • Feedback from teachers or peers.

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3. Set Clear, Measurable Goals

Instead of vague goals like “I want to get better,” aim for specific targets like “I want to perfect the double stroke roll at 150 BPM.” This clarity makes it easier to measure and track your progress.

4. Use Technology

There are many apps and software tools designed for musicians. Some tools allow you to slow down tracks to practice complex sections, while others help with metronome training, recording, and analyzing your sessions.

5. Routine Check-ins

Set aside time, perhaps monthly or quarterly, for self-evaluation. Play the pieces you’ve been working on, compare them with past performances, and critically analyze the differences.

6. Feedback is Golden

Consistently seek feedback from credible sources, such as music teachers, fellow drummers, or even online communities. External perspectives can offer insights that you might overlook.

7. Participate in Performances

Live performances, whether in front of an audience or online, can provide real-time feedback on your skill level and progress. The pressure of a live setting also tests your adaptability and proficiency.

8. Challenge Yourself with New Genres

Diversify your repertoire by exploring different music genres. Not only does this make your practice sessions more interesting, but it also pushes your boundaries, ensuring continuous growth.

9. Track Your Physical Endurance

Drumming isn’t just about rhythm and technique; it’s a physical activity. Track how long you can sustain a particular beat or how you manage faster tempos over extended periods. Building stamina is a sure sign of progress.

10. Stay Educated

Attend workshops, masterclasses, and seminars. The knowledge you gain from these events can serve as a benchmark for your skills and guide you on areas of improvement.


Progress in drumming, as in any art, is a journey, not a destination. Embrace the highs and lows, the plateaus and the peaks. With the right tracking methods in place, you’ll find yourself not only becoming a better drummer but also enjoying the enriching journey of musical growth. Drum on!


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