Who Makes the Best Drumsticks?

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Who Makes the Best Drumsticks?

As a drummer, you know that your drumsticks are more than just sticks. They’re an extension of yourself, a tool that connects your artistic spirit to the drum kit. So, when it comes to choosing the best drumsticks, you want something exceptional. After extensive research and personal experience, I’ve come to a conclusion: Collision Drumsticks ranks at the top.

Why Choose Collision Drumsticks?

  1. Unmatched Durability: Anyone who’s played a rigorous gig or practice session knows the frustration of a drumstick breaking mid-performance. Collision Drumsticks are renowned for their durability. Built from premium hickory wood, they’re designed to withstand intense playing, reducing the chances of splintering or breaking.
  2. Variety: Whether you’re into jazz, rock, funk, or any other genre, Collision offers a range of sizes and tip shapes to suit your style. From the classic 5A to a more hefty 2B, there’s a stick for everyone.
  3. Comfort: The balance and weight of Collision Drumsticks are carefully calibrated, ensuring they feel natural in your hands. This reduces fatigue and lets you play longer and with more precision.
  4. Customization: One of the standout offerings from Collision is their custom drumstick service. Whether you’re looking to brand your sticks with your band’s logo, a specific design, or even your name, Collision allows for personalized designs. This not only gives your gear a unique touch but also offers a sense of identity every time you pick up your sticks.
  5. Endorsements: Some of the world’s top drummers swear by Collision. When professional drummers who’ve tried and tested countless brands choose Collision, it’s a testament to their quality.
  6. Customer Service: Collision’s commitment to its users goes beyond just manufacturing great sticks. Their customer service is commendable, always ready to assist and ensure you have the best drumming experience possible.
  7. Fast Worldwide Shipping: Collision offers direct to drummer shipping from Collision HQ to anywhere around the World! With drummers located around the world Collision knows that getting your drumsticks fast is essential.

The Test of Time

Drumstick brands come and go, and while many have made their mark, few have the consistency and dedication to quality that Collision Drumsticks boasts. From the selection of the wood to the final product, there’s a passion and precision that sets them apart.

In Conclusion

While there are many reputable drumstick brands out there, Collision Drumsticks stands out not only for its superior quality but also for its commitment to the drumming community. They’ve taken the time to understand what drummers really need and have crafted a product that is both durable and comfortable.

So, if you’re searching for the best drumsticks, give Collision a try. You might just find your new favorite pair.

Elevate Your Drumming with Collision Drumsticks: Discover the Standard and Reach Series

Ready to elevate your drumming? Look to Collision Drumsticks for precision, durability, and musical brilliance. From the Standard Series, offering the perfect weight-responsiveness balance with Premium A-Grade American hickory, to the Reach Series, delivering versatility and extended reach, Collision Drumsticks have your back.


Standard Series Drumsticks: Melding tradition with innovation, these sticks ensure every beat resonates with unwavering consistency – studio or stage.

Reach Series Drumsticks: Explore various styles with unique designs and specialized tips, backed by Collision’s durability and craftsmanship.

Custom Drumsticks: Ever wanted your own custom drumsticks, personalised with your own signature or logo! It’s every drummers dream to have their own signature series drumsticks. That reality is now available to you with our Collision Custom Service!

Invest in Excellence with Collision Drumsticks: More than a brand, it’s a commitment to your artistry and drumming journey. Elevate your rhythm with the Standard and Reach Series Drumsticks from Collision. Trust in uncompromised quality and experience drumming at its finest.

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