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Goal Setting For Musicians

Goal Setting For Musicians We hope that you all had a happy and safe holiday period! Goal setting for musicians can be tricky. We’re here to help! Here at Collision, we are kicking off the new year with Goal setting for the year ahead! If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If you are […]

Cruise Level Endorsement

Cruise Level Endorsement We are regularly inundated with questions about our endorsement program! This week we want to break down the barriers and answer your questions! From tiers to support we are going to share the insight you need to know which endorsement level is the right one for you to apply! Today we discuss […]

Collision 1000 Endorsement Program

Collision 1000 Endorsement Program We hope you are keeping well in the lead up to the Holiday season! This week we are talking about the Collision 1000 Endorsement Program. The Collision 1000 Endorsement Program is having our endorsement roster capped at 1000 artists. Those of you who are currently on our roster, you are helping shape […]

Level Up with Collision Backstage

Collision Drumsticks - 5A

Level Up Your Drumming With Collision BACKSTAGE This week it’s all about Collision Backstage. In a time where the pandemic hit the world, many musicians around the world were struck down in the live industry. Collision found a way in which we could help artists “Pivot not Pause”. Backstage was born in 2020 and recently […]

How To Go Live On Social Media

How To Go Live On Social Media One thing that a lot of our artists ask is how to get over the fear of going live on social media. It’s something that everyone, even here at team Collision has experienced at some point! Whether you have goals of streaming your show, practice, announce an album […]

Perfecting The EPK

Perfecting The EPK This weeks topic lines up great with last weeks topic of how to market yourself as a musician. We spoke about the core values of marketing yourself in this industry. What are the next steps you might ask? Creating an EPK or Electronic Press kit is an essential for musicians. This is […]

Knowing Your Value As A Drummer

Knowing Your Value As A Drummer We are back with another important topic this week, Knowing your value as a drummer.  This is incredibly important in every aspect of the music industry, from gigging to session work to social media and beyond. Here are some of the key points that Carlton and Andy spoke about: […]

Growing An Idea Into Reality

Growing An Idea Into Reality This weeks topic is based around growing an idea into reality. We all have those thoughts about different ways we can grow our music, either through playing or serving others. We need to filter those thoughts and bring them into the present. Here are some key points that Carlton and […]

How To Market Yourself As A Drummer

How To Market Yourself As A Drummer Something that comes up a lot when we speak to drummers is “How do a market myself in the industry?” You asked, and we delivered! Here are some of the key points discussed in our IG Live on how to market yourself as a drummer. The starting point is […]

How To Get Your First Gig

How To Get Your First Gig As we come out of lockdowns, COVID restrictions are being lifted and live music is making a comeback, we explore ways on how to get your first gig. I feel like this topic has so important. We have all been busy practicing with new bands/artists or on our own. […]

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