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How to be a professional drummer?

Image of Blog Title How To Be A Professional Drummer?

Becoming a professional drummer involves a blend of talent, training, and the right mindset. Here is a journey dissected into various steps and aspects. Here’s How to be a professional drummer: 1. Early Exposure and Training: Passion Development: Many professional drummers start their journey at a young age, often driven by a passion for music […]

Why are drumsticks made out of wood?

Why are drumsticks made out of wood? A BRIEF HISTORY Before we delve into the reasons behind the wood, let’s take a quick glance back at history. The drumstick has been a part of human musical expression for thousands of years, evolving alongside the drum itself. Ancient civilizations used a variety of materials such as […]

What are the advantages and uses of drumsticks?

Image of blog title What Are The Advantages and Uses of Drumsticks

What are the advantages and uses of drumsticks? The Mighty Drumsticks: Unveiling the Advantages and Versatility If you’re a drummer, you understand the power that lies in your hands—the ability to set the rhythm, control the tempo, and unleash a torrent of beats that can move an entire crowd. Central to this mastery is the […]

What is a Drumstick Endorsement?

Image of the blog title What is a drumstick endorsement?

What is a Drumstick Endorsement? In the world of music, endorsements are a well-known aspect of the industry, often associated with musicians and the tools they use to create their craft. However, not everyone is aware of what a drumstick endorsement specifically entails. In this blog post, we will explore what a drumstick endorsement is, […]

How to Set Drumming Goals

How to Set Drumming Goals Drumming, like any other skill, can be nurtured, improved, and mastered over time. However, progress often requires intention, dedication, and a clear sense of direction. One way to guide your drumming journey is by setting goals. In this blog, we will explore how to set drumming goals that are both […]

Most popular drumstick size

Image of Blog Title Text What size Drumsticks do most drummers use?

Most popular drumstick size The most popular drumstick size is the 5A Standard. 5A Standard Drum sticks are versatile and suitable for a wide range of genres. They are a popular choice among drummers who play rock, pop, and funk. 5A Standard Drumsticks are an all round, average size drumsticks. Collision 5A Standards are phenomenally […]

Best drumsticks for acoustic drums?

Image of blog title Best Drumsticks For Acoustic Drums?

What type of drumsticks are ideal for acoustic drums? The world of drumsticks offers a wide array of options, including various materials, shapes, sizes, weights, and lengths, making it challenging to determine the best drumsticks for acoustic drums. However, fret not; as a seasoned drummer with over 15 years of experience in playing on acoustic […]

What Are the Best Drum Sticks in the UK?

What Are the Best Drum Sticks in the UK? An In-Depth Look at Collision Drumsticks When it comes to playing the drums, one of the most crucial equipment choices a drummer can make is the type of drumsticks they use. There’s a lot to consider: balance, weight, durability, and of course, sound. If you’re in […]

How Do You Twirl a Drumstick? A Beginner’s Guide

How Do You Twirl a Drumstick? A Beginner’s Guide Whether you’re a drummer looking to spice up your stage presence or someone who just wants a cool party trick up their sleeve, twirling a drumstick can be both fun and impressive. Twirling a drumstick is not only about showmanship; it also improves hand coordination and […]

What are the best drum sticks US?

Image of Blog with title What are the best drumsticks USA

Unleashing the Beat: Why Collision Drumsticks Are the Best in the US When it comes to finding the perfect drumsticks, there are countless options available in the market. However, if you are in search of top-quality, precision, and comfort, look no further than Collision Drumsticks, one of the best drumstick brands in the US. In […]

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