• Have you ever felt like growing your social media platforms but don’t know where to begin?
  • Or wanting to monetise your music?
  • Have you ever felt like you’re posting too much?
  • Or feel like you’re spamming everyone with your services?
  • Have you ever struggled with creating content?
  • Or feel like you’re not connecting with anyone online?
  • Have you ever struggled with content management?
  • Do you ever feel like you’re in a creative rut?
  • Do you want to grow your contact list?
  • Do you want to communicate and connect with like minded artists and experts within the industry?
  • Do you want to refine your craft and build your personal brand as a musician?

With it becoming harder than ever to make it within the music industry through traditional routes. More and more artists are breaking away, independently writing, recording and distributing their music.

By working with us, we are helping individual drummers level up their position within the industry through branding, social media, and coaching.


  • You’re looking for next level support to level-up online as a drummer.
  • You are searching for an exclusive community of likeminded drummers to connect, collaborate and succeed with.
  • You are looking for a blueprint on HOW to grow your audience and monetise your music.
  • You are looking to develop your position within the industry.
  • You want to further scale your social media presence.
  • You are looking to identify unique opportunities to create multiple artist revenue streams.
  • You’re interested in starting a business in this industry.


  • You don’t need or want the extra support.
  • You don’t want to start your own musical business in this industry.
  • You don’t want to put the time into the monetisation side of your music.
  • No motivation to succeed.
  • Not committed to develop in areas of weakness.
  • Aren‘t open to the support and feedback of others.

what artists have to say

Meet your coaches


Monique is currently apart of the executive leader team at Collision Drumsticks, serves on a local non-profit board, and also runs her own private coaching & consulting practice for entrepreneurs and sales professionals earning six and seven figure income levels.

“I help high achievers get out of their heads and into their lives through business success coaching! I work with entrepreneurs & sales professionals all over the world, empowering & helping them overcome obstacles so they can free themselves to live the lives they want, build their own online businesses, and hit their success goals.”

Before all of this, Monique had a successful financial planning and wealth management practice of eight years. She later left her practice to enter the startup world with a CBD & hemp e-commerce and international distribution company.

Monique’s mentoring and expertise has helped many individuals in their businesses and careers. She is very capable of helping you artists monetize & grow your presence online in a meaningful and powerful way in order to achieve all of your goals and desires.

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Carlton is a musician, law graduate and entrepreneur from the Durham in the UK. Carlton is a professional musician of over 15 years playing collaborating with bands and DJs across the UK. Passionate about creating a platform to serve, celebrate and showcase drummers and musicians, Carlton launched Collision Drumsticks, an online e-commerce drumstick store that is now the UK and Europe’s largest drumstick brand. Carlton has announced COLLISION BACKSTAGE under the Collision brand to offer mentorship and support to those musicians looking to develop their personal brand and transition from hobbyists to part time and full-time musicians.

“I want to help inspire and motivate you as drummers and artists who are looking to take your playing and career to the next level, creating real lasting impact. Actively working with over 60 international artists currently apart of the Collision roster as well as being CEO of Collision for over four years has provided me with successes, challenges, industry insight, and an incredible network of national and international artists and brands. I want to use my experience along with the expertise of Monique and others to give you the tools for success!”

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Collision Drumsticks - 7A


Andrew is mostly known for being the drummer of the well known Laois band The Jury, a band which has been going for almost 30 years. He started out as the Dep drummer in 2015 and is now their full time drummer. Playing some of the top venues in the county, the jury always bring the energy and the banter. 

Along with playing with The Jury, Andrew has also toured with his Canadian name sake Andrew Conroy in 2017, where they toured in some of Ireland’s top venues such as the Roisin Dubh in Galway.

Some other notable achievements that Andrew has to his name are playing a number of local festivals, session work as well as sharing a stage at electric picnic, one of Ireland and Europe’s top music and Arts festivals. Along with this, Andrew has also played on tracks which have hit number one on Spotify and Apple Music platforms.

After working with the Collision Team 1:1 through the Collision Mastermind Program, Andrew has joined the Collision Executive Team as the BACKSTAGE STRATEGIST here to support you and share his expertise. He will also share his experiences, drummer to drummer, as you grow in the BACKSTAGE community. 

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endorsements & testimonials

The program is designed to take an individual artist to the next level of the musical path. All information can be adapted to a band, artist and even their personal life.

During my onboarding telephone calls with Collision Drumsticks CEO Carlton Banks and Collision Drumsticks Director of Operations Monique Sar, I was given a very clear understanding and interpretation of the Collision Drumsticks Mastermind course.     

Monique provided insight to phases of the course in an easy to understand directive, asking question of a personal nature in order to completely personalize the information provided. Additional information was provided to show basics of the program, which resulted in immediate positive effects on my social media pages.  

The program is designed to take an individual artist to the next level of the musical path. All information can be adapted to a band, artist and even their personal life. I highly recommend the Collision Drumsticks Mastermind course for anyone who is looking to take the leap into personal and professional development.  

Scott Stewart
Collision Drumsticks, Artist
Queen City Drums, Artist
Sweet Spot Dampeners, Artist
One Degree From Mande, Drummer

She asked all the right questions and provided tangible hacks that converted to actual profit growth for my business.

It is a great pleasure to speak on behalf of Monique. As an owner of my own business I have sought out many coaches and would have to say Monique is the realest! 

Monique was able to give me more useful tactics in our one hour growth hacking call than I’ve had from many other coaches. She asked all the right questions and provided tangible hacks that converted to actual profit growth for my business. She not only tackles aspects of mindset growth but also how to increase sales for ones business. For those who thrive on online sales and live that laptop lifestyle like myself, she has created an amazing system of different strategies to maximize email and Instagram marketing and more.    

Monique never ceases to amaze and inspire me. I have known her since college and she is one of the most knowledgeable, successful, organized, smart, focused, determined, hard working people I’ve ever known. She exudes excellence and her business experience and credibility speaks for itself. She has been there from the start of my business cheering me on and providing me with endless motivation and advice that every boss girl needs! 

It has been a privilege to work with her and gain so much knowledge from her. If you’re looking for someone to bring actual value to your business goals that will undeniably yield results and profits I recommend scheduling a call with her! 

Nancy Phoenix | CEO & Founder at Status Industry

I didn’t have business experience when I first started my business, and with her guidance, I am more confident in myself and my abilities.

I have worked with Monique on several occasions and together we have established a strong personal and professional relationship. She is not only a mentor, but a friend that is genuinely interested in my professional growth. I didn’t have business experience when I first started my business, and with her guidance, I am more confident in myself and my abilities.  She gave me a better understanding of my “why” and how to proceed with the unknown when building my brand. 

I had the opportunity to work with Monique for a 60-minute growth hacking session. The time she spent with me was direct and to the point. She jumped right in and made sure every minute was spent effectively. We discussed different marketing strategies, various systems that generate connection, tips on how to sell with soul, and ways to provide powerful and relatable content. The information she provided was meaning and a was a foundation for growth in the online yoga industry. 

Without a doubt, Monique is a leader. She is dependable and great at her job. She is kind, genuine and respectful and makes talking about business, (a topic that is scary to many), seem so easy. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Monique’s guidance and couldn’t thank her enough.  

Erica Lyons | @ericalyonsyoga

Monique is a master of harmonizing all the noise in the coaching world, because she has actually performed and executed at the highest sales and leadership levels herself.

“As a top tier producer, leader, and national speaker in the financial services industry, I have only sought coaching from those who have achieved great things in their respective professions. Successful, open minded professionals want assurance that the people they surround themselves with are the “real deal”. That is why I endorse Monique Sar as a Coach for high performance and executive sales.

Monique has always epitomized the relentless pursuit of reaching her own highest potential, and has proven her credibility with actual business results. Monique was nationally recognized at a Fortune 100 company as one of the highest achieving young sales producers and leaders in the United States. I partnered with Monique, during her work in my industry, by employing shared staff with her for both of our personal sales practices, as well as co-mentoring a unit of 10+ junior advisors.

I personally witnessed Monique perennially lead the nation in number of volume product sales, as well as volume of new client acquisition. This is a direct testament to Monique’s qualification in the peak performance coaching space. Monique is a master of harmonizing all the noise in the coaching world, because she has actually performed and executed at the highest sales and leadership levels herself. Subscribe to one piece of her content and take one phone call from her, and you will confirm why I emphatically endorse her.”

Matthew T. | Financial Advisor


  • 1 Bonus Private 1:1 Intensive Strategy Session
    • In this initial call, we get to know you, set your intentions & goals for the next three months.
    • We will chart a personalized course of action that makes sense for your life and goals.
  • Welcome Packet
    • Upon enrollment you will receive a Welcome Packet so we can hit the ground running.
  • 90 min Group Calls 3 x per month
    • We will have weekly group mentoring calls with teachings and hot seats.
    • Each call will have accountability structures built in where we will discuss wins, challenges, and current projects.
  • BACKSTAGE Experts
    • Let’s be honest, we don’t know everything out there, so we are going to be bringing some high-profile experts each month to share their wisdom, stories, and insights.
  • 3 Monthly SOS calls
    • You get 3 x 1:1 private SOS calls with any of our coaches. You are free to use these calls anytime within the duration of the 6 month program to talk about anything you wish. 
  • BACKSTAGE Support & Calls
    • You will be able to attend the BACKSTAGE coaching calls, goal setting calls, an Q&A calls for additional support.
  • Access to the private Collision Mastermind
    • A private Slack channel where you and 14 other artists are meant to show up and share ideas with each other. You’ll get the best experience by participating, giving to each other, commenting, responding, asking questions and supporting each others goals and achievements. 
  • BACKSTAGE Resources Area
    • You’ll receive access to a private Success Bank full of curated resources aimed to accelerate your success.
    • This is a three day in-person or virtual retreat depending on current circumstances. Hopefully we can meet in person, but we’ll pay for your program fees, food, hotel or Airbnb. You will just have to get there 🙂
  • Unlimited Email & WhatsApp Support
    • Have questions, concerns, or need clarity between mentoring calls? We’ve got you! You get unlimited support from us throughout the duration of the program via email or the private Slack channel. No question is too big or too small!

What you can expect

  1. Action Steps and Accountability: No more feeling stuck or putting things off. We’ll be there to keep you going strong and help you move through any blocks or resistance that may arise. After each call, you’ll have actionable recommendations, next steps, and sometimes suggested additional resources or articles to read.
  2. Honest insight about the emotional reasons behind some of your decisions.
  3. We are your coach, cheerleader, and confidante. You’ll receive tailored professional advice around your goals and your life — from making money, to making it work without burning out.
  4. We focus on how to scale your online presence so that you can focus on doing what you love – playing drums! You’ll learn how to think strategically and make decisions based upon our online success framework.
  5. In addition to insights and inspiration tailored to you and your life, you’ll receive concrete action items. You’ll see significant personal and professional growth due to consistent reflection looking backward and goal setting looking forward from mentoring sessions.
  6. Insider musician and personal branding tips, totally tailored to you

What artists are saying


When does the program begin?

Our next Mastermind Cohort starts in August 2022.

Will it work for me?

It is certainly an exchange of energy. We expect you to put in the time, energy, and intention. If you put in the effort, this will be a factor of your success in this program. At the same time, we are here to support you and if there’s more you want to learn from us, do ask!

How many artists will be accepted into the Mastermind?

We cap at 30 members at any given time. Each Mastermind has a max of 15 participants to keep the groups small and intimate.

Does the Mastermind include in person retreats?

Yes! You will be invited to an exclusive Collision Mastermind Retreat in December 2022.

How much does the Mastermind cost?

We are not sharing that information publicly for a few reasons. This is an extremely low price for the type of results our current clients are receiving. The pricing also varies. We have a full-pay option and a three-month extended plan. Prices will be going up in March 2023.

Can I keep the same pricing if I extend my contract for the Mastermind?

Yes! We like to reward our members and will honor your initial pricing if you continue to work with us when the price goes up.

Application Process

Why is there an interview?

We must interview each Collision Mastermind candidate to make sure it is a good fit. In doing so, we need you to schedule a time to connect.

If you feel fear, it is completely normal because it’s times like these that tests us and makes us into who we deserve to be. 

Be comfortable being uncomfortable. 🔥


First, please complete this coaching intake form.

Apply now

Next, a Collision team member will reach out to you to schedule your interview with our coaches.

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