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Collision 5AR Extended Series Drumsticks: Size and Details

5AR Drumstick: A Detailed Examination Among the vast spectrum of drumstick sizes, the 5AR from the Reach Series stands out for its unique characteristics. With a design that stays true to the responsive feel of the standard 5A drumsticks, the 5AR is a denser, longer option, making it an essential tool for certain drumming styles. […]

Collision 5A Standard Drumstick: Size and Details

Unlocking the Potential of the 5A Drumstick: A Comprehensive Exploration Every drummer knows the crucial role drumsticks play in shaping their musical expression. Among the diverse array of drumsticks, the 5A size emerges as a versatile player’s favorite. Its unique characteristics make it suitable for various music genres, and it’s been lauded as the perfect […]

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