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Collision Black Friday Event Is Now Live!

Hey Everyone! Our Collision Black Friday event is now Live! Black Friday: Up to 30% off Collision Drumsticks, Merch and Accessories! Download our Holiday Gift Guide to avail of our discount codes. Codes are limited and are on a first come first serve basis. If one code doesn’t work, try the next one. Small Business […]

Holiday Product Gift Guide + Limited Offer

Hey Everyone! This week, we are continuing on with our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. This week we are looking at the full range of Collision Products to choose from. We kick off with our “Standard” series range: 7A: Lightly weighted jazz style stick with a defined ball style tip for accurate cymbal work. Slightly longer […]

Top Tips For Maintaining Drums

Hey Everyone! We all know how expensive our craft can be and one thing we sometimes forge is how to take care of our gear. This week, we are going to look at some top tips for drum maintenance. Polish / wipe drum shells – dust can gather quite fast on drum surfaces, make sure […]

Top Stick Bag Essentials

Hey Everyone, This week we are discussing some top stick bag essentials. These are items every drummer should pack from going to the studio, live shows or just transporting to a rehearsal. One: You have to start with the Collision stick bag. With room for twenty four pairs of sticks, a drum key slot (we […]