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How To Tune Drums

How To Tune Drums Good tuning is foundational to getting a good drum tone. As with any instrument, it can take years to develop an ear for what a properly tuned bass, tom, or snare drum sounds like. That’s why we’ve put together this tuning companion on how to tune drums. Packed with theory and […]

Should I get 5A or 5B drumsticks?

Should I get 5A or 5B drumsticks? If you’re looking for new drumsticks, you may be wondering which size you should choose. There are so many different sizes of drumsticks available, and every drummer tends to develop preferences over time when it comes to choosing the most comfortable drumstick size for their playing style. With […]

Top Five Drumming Quotes

Top Five Drumming Quotes Drumming quotes can hold some great wisdom and lessons from legendary and influential drummers. Quotes can help generate ideas and inspire, essential to us as drummers!  We’ve compiled some of our favourite drumming quotes from famous drummers, including Buddy Rich, Vinnie Colaiuta, Tony Williams, Neil Peart, and Stewart Copeland! These are my top […]

Top Tips For Maintaining Drums

Top Tips For Maintaining Drums While a good old fashioned shine will work, we’ve got a few top tips for maintaining drums! We all know how expensive our craft can be and one thing we sometimes forge is how to take care of our gear. You’ve got a gig this weekend and need to clean […]

10 Best Songs To Learn As A Drummer

10 Best Songs To Learn As A Drummer Learning to play the drums is a rewarding experience, but it can also be intimidating. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been playing for years, there are always those songs that are just too hard to crack. Here in this article, we will be going over some […]

October Backstage Masterclass Recap

October Backstage Masterclass Recap This month we were excited to announce our October Backstage masterclass expert! Life as a drummer touring with 1980’s SUPERSTARS! MASTERCLASS w/ Phil G – @philippgdrums 🥁🎉 Phil shared his experiences in an intimate Masterclass, providing you the fundamentals of how to get the gig with touring artists and International Stars! So […]

Top YouTube Drummers To Follow in 2022

Top YouTube Drummers To Follow in 2022 This week we are looking at some of the top YouTube drummers to follow in 2022. Weather you are looking for inspiration for your next cover or looking to pick up some new drum tips or lessons, here are some top channels. The 80/20 Drummer Mike Johnston rDavidr […]

Top Tips For Engaging On Social Media

Top Tips For Engaging On Social Media Following up from last weeks topic of tips to go live on social media, this week are are talking about how you can become more engaging on social media. Before we dive in, it’s important to know that as a musician, you want to build your audience horizontally […]

Top Tips For Going Live On Social Media

Top Tips For Going Live On Social Media Have you ever thought about going live on social media but don’t know how to start? This week, we bring you some top tips for going Live. Before we take a look at our top tips, many of you musicians out there may be asking yourself, “What is […]


FIVE TIPS TO LEVEL UP YOUR INSTA GAME Have you ever wanted to grow on social media but are lost on where to start? This week we are going to be discussing the top five tips to help you level up your insta game. One: Post Reels at least three times per week. This will […]

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