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Best drumsticks for acoustic drums?

Image of blog title Best Drumsticks For Acoustic Drums?

What type of drumsticks are ideal for acoustic drums? The world of drumsticks offers a wide array of options, including various materials, shapes, sizes, weights, and lengths, making it challenging to determine the best drumsticks for acoustic drums. However, fret not; as a seasoned drummer with over 15 years of experience in playing on acoustic […]

What Are the Best Drum Sticks in the UK?

What Are the Best Drum Sticks in the UK? An In-Depth Look at Collision Drumsticks When it comes to playing the drums, one of the most crucial equipment choices a drummer can make is the type of drumsticks they use. There’s a lot to consider: balance, weight, durability, and of course, sound. If you’re in […]

What are the best drum sticks US?

Image of Blog with title What are the best drumsticks USA

Unleashing the Beat: Why Collision Drumsticks Are the Best in the US When it comes to finding the perfect drumsticks, there are countless options available in the market. However, if you are in search of top-quality, precision, and comfort, look no further than Collision Drumsticks, one of the best drumstick brands in the US. In […]

How Do You Make Drum Sticks Last Longer?

How Do You Make Drum Sticks Last Longer? Enter Collision Drumsticks! The mark of a dedicated drummer isn’t just seen in their blistering solos and rhythmic finesse but also in the pile of broken drumsticks they’ve left behind. It’s a rite of passage for drummers to break a stick in the middle of a jam […]

Does Drum Stick Brand Matter?

Does Drum Stick Brand Matter? Introducing Collision Drumsticks You’ve probably been there. Standing in front of a drum store shelf, eyes darting back and forth among countless brands, models, and sizes of drumsticks. Perhaps you’ve wondered, “Does the brand really matter?” Today, we’ll explore this topic and shed light on why choosing the right brand […]

Who Makes the Best Drumsticks?

Image of blog title who makes the best drumsticks

Who Makes the Best Drumsticks? As a drummer, you know that your drumsticks are more than just sticks. They’re an extension of yourself, a tool that connects your artistic spirit to the drum kit. So, when it comes to choosing the best drumsticks, you want something exceptional. After extensive research and personal experience, I’ve come […]

Where to buy drumsticks?

Image of the blog title Where to buy drumsticks?

Where to buy drumsticks? : Why Collision Drumsticks Should Be Your Online Choice In today’s digital age, it’s more convenient than ever to buy almost anything online, and that includes musical instruments and their accessories. For drummers, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned professional, choosing the right drumstick is crucial. Not only does it […]

Are light or heavy drum sticks better?

Blog image of Drumming topic are light or heavy drumsticks better?

Collision Drumsticks: The Perfect Balance in Weight and Strength When it comes to drumming, every detail matters. From the type of drum you choose, to the skins, to the very sticks you hold in your hand, every element contributes to the sound and feel of your performance. One of the most debated topics among drummers […]

Are drumsticks durable?

Are drumsticks durable? When it comes to drumsticks, durability is a key consideration for drummers of all skill levels. It’s an investment that not only affects your playing experience but also your wallet in the long run. This is where premium drumsticks truly shine. While it might be tempting to opt for budget-friendly alternatives, the […]

Drum Kit Essentials

Drum Kit Essentials For every drummer, professional or hobbyist, the quality of their tools determines the quality of their sound. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the right products to make your beats resonate with power, precision, and creativity. Among the leading names in drumming equipment, Collision Drumsticks has earned recognition for its top-notch quality. […]

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