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Standing in Solidarity with the Black Community

Collision Drumsticks stands in solidarity with the black community. We would like to explicitly state that we are an anti-racist company. During a time like this, we want to be there to support you. “How can I best use my platform to contribute to change and justice?” Right now, you can think of your platform […]

Breaking the Stereotypes as a Female Drummer

Hello everyone! I’m Winifred (a.k.a Wini or TinyWini), a female drummer based in Singapore. I’ve been playing the drums for 7 years, and studied drums as a private student at the Trinity College Music Examinations offered by London, in local music institutions. I’ve emerged as the finalist in the 2019 Hit Like a Girl competitions. […]

Top Tips to Improve Your Technique

I’ve only ever had two drum teachers in my life and I wouldn’t even take my first formal “drum lesson” until I was four years into performing. At that point, I’d unfortunately been developing some bad habits because I had no previous formal training. I was all energy and zero control. Guaranteed after every performance […]

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Falling in love with playing the drums (again).   My name is Cornel Hrisca-Munn, I am a drummer, bass player, and a proud Collision Drumsticks artist. I have a day job in a Borough Council as Departmental Lead for Disability, and have an academic background – gaining an MA from Oxford University, and contributing to […]

Tips for Drummers That Want to Perform in Front of Thousands

My name is Masis Mardirossian. I’m a drummer in a rock band called Akher Zapheer which is based in Amman Jordan. I’ve been playing drums and other instruments since I was 11 years old. Since then, I started to gradually improve my drumming and musical skills by practicing, and listening to different genres of music. […]

Advice on Getting Media Exposure

Hey family. My name is Kevin Allen. Some of you may know me and some of you may not. I’m a drummer originally from Queens, New York. I now reside in Atlanta, Georgia. My resume is not as lengthy as some of you guys, but I have worked with some notable artists. The artist that I […]

How to Get Your Music Out There

My name is Soul Kerr, and I am a drummer of 15 years. I currently play in a metal band called Anever based in the bay area of California. Musical performance is my passion, and I have been doing it actively for the last four years. There are hundreds of little pieces of information I […]

How to Get Sponsors

“How do you get those endorsements?” is a question I am asked frequently. My name is Joe Beninati and I am a drummer originally from New York. I pounded the pavement in NYC for about 15 years with multiple bands in the early 2000s with the dream of making it. I have had the opportunity […]

Lesson Planning Tips for Drum Instructors

From a very early age, I was fascinated by rhythm. Apparently, as a toddler, I used to stand in front of the washing machine when it was spinning and roll my head in time with the sound! I have been very fortunate to have very lovely parents who paid for private drum lessons in my […]

Founder’s Statement

A platform for artists to collaborate and contribute Founders Statement Hello! Thanks for taking the time to browse our website. Welcome to our official online store!  I would like to provide insight into our product-based services by sharing the story behind its development. ‘It is all about creating an impact for value’. As an artist […]