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Top Tips For Engaging On Social Media

Top Tips For Engaging On Social Media Following up from last weeks topic of tips to go live on social media, this week are are talking about how you can become more engaging on social media. Before we dive in, it’s important to know that as a musician, you want to build your audience horizontally […]

Top Tips For Going Live On Social Media

Top Tips For Going Live On Social Media Have you ever thought about going live on social media but don’t know how to start? This week, we bring you some top tips for going Live. Before we take a look at our top tips, many of you musicians out there may be asking yourself, “What is […]

September Backstage Masterclass Recap

September Backstage Masterclass Recap We welcome new expert instructors and mentors to the BACKSTAGE platform monthly. Each Expert provides an impactful LIVE Masterclass, packed with exclusive play-throughs and never shared before systems and strategies from the industries best musicians! Here is our September Backstage Masterclass Recap! Introducing John Park! We were proud to announce our […]

5A Black Stealth Drumsticks

5A Black Stealth Drumsticks NEW PRODUCT ALERT! INTRODUCING…..Introducing our brand new 5A Black Stealth Drumsticks! PRE-SALE IS NOW LIVE! Collision 5A BLACK Drumsticks! The future of drumming leaps further ahead. DRUMSTICK SPECS: DIMENSIONS: L 16 1/2″ D .570″ WEIGHT: Medium COLOUR: BLACK
TAPER: Medium
TIP STYLE: Tear Drop Stylish new Drumstick colour. PRE-ORDER NOW ON OUR WEBSITE NOW! […]


FIVE TIPS TO LEVEL UP YOUR INSTA GAME Have you ever wanted to grow on social media but are lost on where to start? This week we are going to be discussing the top five tips to help you level up your insta game. One: Post Reels at least three times per week. This will […]

Backstage Masterclass

Backstage Masterclass We were proud to announce our August BACKSTAGE Masterclass instructor, Collision artist and team member Andy Conroy! Based in Ireland, Andrew has had huge success with his band The Jury, playing over 100+ shows annually! As a producer and drummer for almost 2 decades, Andrew has a successful production company, serving over 40+ […]

July Backstage Masterclass Recap

July Backstage Masterclass Recap We were proud to announce our July BACKSTAGE Masterclass instructors, Slee and Baxter! Formed in early 2017. Happyalone was born from the reunification of Baxter with the band’s other remaining founding member, Slee. First meeting as teenagers on a summer trip to the Gaeltacht, the two were reconnected in UCC years […]

Top Tips For Practicing drums

Top Tips For Practicing drums This week we are back with some top tips for practicing drums from Team Collision! Drumming is a lot harder than it looks. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. To be on top of your game in music, sport, or any discipline takes patience, dedication, and determination. And drumming is […]

How To Get Your First 500 Followers

How To Get Your First 500 Followers We are back this week with some tops tips How To Get Your First 500 Followers around social media. We’ve all heard of the theory of 1000 true fans, right? If not, that’s okay. “1000 True Fans” is an article written by an author named Kevin Kelly. His premise […]

June Backstage Masterclass Recap

Collision Drumsticks - 5BR

June Backstage Masterclass Recap We were proud to announce our June Masterclass instructor, Justin Curtis White, III aka JWhite! We look back on the BACKSTAGE Masterclass recap! Justin is a successful USA based Touring and session Drummer, who has collaborated with bands including Sabretooth. With decades of show and band experience, Justin has had toured […]

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