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Top Tips For Protecting Your Hearing

Top Tips For Protecting Your Hearing This week we are back with some more Top Tips For Protecting Your Hearing for your drumming and music! This week we are focusing on hearing protection. Have you ever felt that ringing in your ears after playing drums, at a band rehearsal or at a gig? Here are […]

how to keep yourself motivated as a musician.

Collision Drumsticks - 5BR

How To Keep Yourself Motivated As A Musician. Hey Everyone, This week we have a phenomenal piece wrote by Collision artist Jamie LaFave about how to keep yourself motivated as a musician. One of many things that I love about being a musician. There’s always room for growth, improvement, maturity, execution, inspiration, and constantly setting […]

Backstage May Masterclass Recap: Part 2

Backstage May Masterclass Recap: Part 2 As promised, Here is part two of our Collision Backstage Masterclass session with Max Griffiths! Max dropped some killer points in part one and part two is no different! Max is a successful UK based Touring and session Drummer, who has collaborated with an array off bands including Sick […]

Backstage Masterclass

Backstage Masterclass Each month we welcome new expert instructors and mentors to the Collision BACKSTAGE platform. Each Expert provides an impactful 1 hour LIVE Masterclass, packed with exclusive live play-throughs and never shared before systems and strategies from the industries best drummers! We were proud to announce our May Masterclass instructor, Max Griffiths! Max is […]

Standing in Solidarity with the Black Community

Collision Drumsticks stands in solidarity with the black community. We would like to explicitly state that we are an anti-racist company. During a time like this, we want to be there to support you. “How can I best use my platform to contribute to change and justice?” Right now, you can think of your platform […]

Breaking the Stereotypes as a Female Drummer

Hello everyone! I’m Winifred (a.k.a Wini or TinyWini), a female drummer based in Singapore. I’ve been playing the drums for 7 years, and studied drums as a private student at the Trinity College Music Examinations offered by London, in local music institutions. I’ve emerged as the finalist in the 2019 Hit Like a Girl competitions. […]

Top Tips to Improve Your Technique

Here are my Top Tips to Improve Your Technique! I’ve only ever had two drum teachers in my life and I wouldn’t even take my first formal “drum lesson” until I was four years into performing. At that point, I’d unfortunately been developing some bad habits. I had no previous formal training. I was all energy […]

Falling in love with playing the drums

    My name is Cornel Hrisca-Munn, I am a drummer, bass player, and a proud Collision Drumsticks artist. I have a day job in a Borough Council as Departmental Lead for Disability, and have an academic background – gaining an MA from Oxford University, and contributing to academic musical writing for Cambridge University Press. […]

Tips for Drummers That Want to Perform in Front of Thousands

My name is Masis Mardirossian. I’m a drummer in a rock band called Akher Zapheer which is based in Amman Jordan. I’ve been playing drums and other instruments since I was 11 years old. Since then, I started to gradually improve my drumming and musical skills by practicing, and listening to different genres of music. […]

Advice on Getting Media Exposure

Collision Drumsticks - 5AR

Hey family. My name is Kevin Allen. Some of you may know me and some of you may not. I’m a drummer originally from Queens, New York. I now reside in Atlanta, Georgia. My resume is not as lengthy as some of you guys, but I have worked with some notable artists. The artist that I […]

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