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How to Get Your Music Out There

Collision Drumsticks - 5BR

My name is Soul Kerr, and I am a drummer of 15 years. I currently play in a metal band called Anever based in the bay area of California. Musical performance is my passion, and I have been doing it actively for the last four years. There are hundreds of little pieces of information I […]

How to Get Sponsors As a Musician

“How Do You Get Sponsors As A Musician?” is a question I am asked frequently. My name is Joe Beninati and I am a drummer originally from New York. I pounded the pavement in NYC for about 15 years with multiple bands in the early 2000s with the dream of making it. I have had […]

Lesson Planning Tips for Drum Instructors

This blog shares Lesson Planning Tips for Drum Instructors. From a very early age, I was fascinated by rhythm. Apparently, as a toddler, I used to stand in front of the washing machine when it was spinning and roll my head in time with the sound! I have been very fortunate to have very lovely […]

Collision Drumsticks

Collision Drumsticks Founder’s Statement A platform for artists to collaborate and contribute Hello! Thanks for taking the time to browse the Collision Drumsticks website. Welcome to our official online store!  I would like to provide insight into our product-based services by sharing the story behind its development. ‘It is all about creating an impact for value’. […]