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Most popular drumstick size

Image of Blog Title Text What size Drumsticks do most drummers use?

Most popular drumstick size The most popular drumstick size is the 5A Standard. 5A Standard Drum sticks are versatile and suitable for a wide range of genres. They are a popular choice among drummers who play rock, pop, and funk. 5A Standard Drumsticks are an all round, average size drumsticks. Collision 5A Standards are phenomenally […]

Collision 5A Standard Drumstick: Size and Details

Unlocking the Potential of the 5A Drumstick: A Comprehensive Exploration Every drummer knows the crucial role drumsticks play in shaping their musical expression. Among the diverse array of drumsticks, the 5A size emerges as a versatile player’s favorite. Its unique characteristics make it suitable for various music genres, and it’s been lauded as the perfect […]

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