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Collision 5AR Extended Series Drumsticks: Size and Details

5AR Drumstick: A Detailed Examination Among the vast spectrum of drumstick sizes, the 5AR from the Reach Series stands out for its unique characteristics. With a design that stays true to the responsive feel of the standard 5A drumsticks, the 5AR is a denser, longer option, making it an essential tool for certain drumming styles. […]

Collision 5B Standard Drumstick: Size and Details

Collision 5B Standard Drumstick: Size and Details In the array of drumstick sizes, the Collision 5B Standard stands a notch above the rest, particularly for its larger size and heavier weight compared to the 5A Standard drumsticks. The added size and weight translate to enhanced volume and potency, qualities that are indispensable for aggressive music […]

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